At Kimyo University Hospital, Inpatient Unit is dedicated to providing compassionate and comprehensive care for patients requiring overnight stays. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on patient well-being, our Inpatient Unit stands as a cornerstone in delivering high-quality healthcare services.

Three Distinct Ward Categories:

Usual Double Bed Wards: Offering comfort and camaraderie, these wards are designed for patients who prefer shared accommodations.

Single Bed VIP Wards: For those seeking enhanced privacy and personalized attention, our VIP wards provide a premium experience with individualized care. These kinds of rooms have a TV, a refrigerator and a private bathroom.

General Wards: Providing quality care in a communal setting, our general wards offer a balance of comfort and cost-effectiveness.

Comprehensive Healthcare Teams: Our Inpatient Unit is staffed with a dedicated team of healthcare professionals, including experienced physicians, nurses, and support staff. Together, they work collaboratively to ensure the well-being and recovery of each patient.

Patient-Centric Approach: With a patient-centric philosophy, our Inpatient Unit focuses on providing not just medical care but also emotional support and comfort. We aim to create an environment where patients feel heard, respected, and actively involved in their healthcare journey.

Convenience: Whether you choose a usual double bed ward, a single bed VIP ward, or a general ward, we prioritize your comfort and convenience throughout your stay.

We are honored to be your partner on your journey to wellness.

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