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The guest of our center today were representatives of Liv Hospital in Baku, Azerbaijan, this is the professor of the organ transplantation department, Dr. Eldar Akhmedov and the regional manager of international relations of the hospital, Sahin Mehmedli. A meeting was organized with the administration of the surgery center, during which the guests were informed about the structure and activities of our surgery center, and also introduced us to the capabilities of the Liv Medical Hospital. The guests met the heads of departments working in the field of transplantology. An informative tour of the departments of the center was organized. Professor Eldar Akhmedov showed great interest in the transplantology development program of our center, was interested in detail in the stages of preparation and postoperative management of patients after liver transplantation, and shared his personal experience, which includes more than 300 liver transplantations. During the visit, further stages of the formation of business relations between our surgery center and Liv Hospital in Baku were discussed.